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6 tips for new Yoga Teachers

Hi friends,

I get asked a lot of times what it was like to teach my first yoga class after my teacher training. Was I nervous, excited, scared? My answer was all of the above.

As I have a lot of new teacher that follow me I wanted to take a moment to explain my top tips for teaching your first class after your YTT!

  1. Be okay with messing up. It’s your very first class, you will stumble over words, explain too many or too little cues, you will probably mix up your lefts and rights.. but you WILL get through it and be stronger as a teacher with every mess-up.

  2. Get there earlier not right on time— you want to mentally prepare for your class. Even if this is just 10 minutes prior to take a few breaths in the parking lot it can make a big difference in your focus during class!

  3. Be familiar with your playlist and where you want to be in your sequence around which few songs. (Example. Slower songs-warm up. Faster paced- flow slower songs- backbends, twists meditative song- savasana). Personally, I use Spotify and love it. I create custom playlists for each of my classes (repeating playlists as needed).

  4. Know that if you plan a full sequence it’s not gonna go exactly as planned. Be okay with that.

  5. Before you start your class, close your eyes and take a deep breath(use opportunities like forward folds and down dog to take additional deep breaths to reset your scattered mind during your class)

  6. HAVE FUN! You’re a new teacher and it’s okay to be nervous.

Hopefully these tips helped a few of you new teachers!

I love you all.

until next time,



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