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Hey friends!

This is a topic that I get asked about quite a bit.. how do I stay motivated?

I think that its a pretty hard question to answer because so many factors go into it.. such as:

1. What are my goals and do I have a time frame that I want to accomplish them by/in?

2. Do I need to focus on those goals consistently or can my "motivation" for them come and go as I need to put in more work?


3. What am I staying motivated for? Myself, others, and outside third thing?

I believe that motivation, no matter what it's for or why, it comes and goes.

Specifically, my fitness goals have fluctuated countless times over the past year and my motivation has changed along with that.

Before I got married I focused heavily on HIIT training as I wanted to really "tone up". My motivation for that was obviously... looking good in my wedding dress

As the year went on I focused more on weight lifting & body building workouts in order to gain muscle mass. When I really think about WHY I was doing that I believe that it was because my husband was. Weight training became something that we did together and that helped keep me 1. accountable and 2. motivated.

More recently I've switched my focus to just yoga. Although I've been practicing yoga consistently all year my motivation came from (you all) on Instagram. I got re-inspired to create meaningful content, to create online yoga courses, to plan workshops and retreats in new exciting places, to try new asanas, creative sequences and to to even dabble in meditation.

I believe motivation will fluctuate, just as your goals do. It is up to YOU to make the conscious effort to put the work in.. because at the end of the day you could have all the motivation in the world.. but if you don't get up everyday and put that motivation towards a goal, you wont get anywhere.

I hope that this way helpful and that you got a little bit of insight as to the way I see motivation and how its not just a solid, single answer!

utill next time,



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