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Hey friends!

It's a new year which means It's usually the time to make some new goals.

New years goals/resolutions can be tricky because most of us either forget and don't have the same motivation and we don't stick to the goals that we've set. This year...

CHANGE THAT. Make a conscious effort everyday to be the best person you can be. Let your daily decisions reflect who you

are and who you want to become. We can only truly live in the present.

This year ill be focusing on some small 'goals' that can have a big impact on my life.

-wake up at a more consistent time

-lessen my plastic use

-be more financially savvy

-drink more water

-incorporate more veggies

-volunteer at an animal shelter

-write more blogs

As much as I like to plan, I almost don't believe in 'new years resolutions' because you can make the decision ANYDAY and ANYTIME to reach the goals you want to achieve.

Sorry for this ramble of a post.. I have slightly mixed feelings about goals this time of the year, but I hope this made sense to some!



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