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30 self-care ideas

Hi friends!

If you've been following my Instagram for some time you know that I'm a firm believer in self-care. I know you've been seeing the word tossed around quite often lately as it seems to be "all the rage" however, its here to stay(as it should be). More and more people are taking moments out of their day to tune in, to self indulge and to show their physical bodies some care. Below I wanted to share my top 30 self-care ideas.

1. Move! My favorite self-care is a nice gentle slow flow + yin class with my favorite chill music playing in the back.

2. Treat yo' self to something you've been thinking about getting.

3. Steam your face with a hot face cloth then do a face mask.

4. Meditate. (guided meditation Youtube videos are a great start for this)

5. Do a hair mask-- its not just good for the soul.

6. Volunteer- animal shelters, soup kitchens, ect. they could always use a helping hand and you will relieve stress while doing good for society.

7. Get a massage

8. Eat something that you love.

9. Take a hot and soapy bath.

10. Go for a long drive and listen to your favorite music

11. Call a friend or a family member and catch up

12. Go to the Chiropractor-- maybe its not your life out of whack..maybe its your spine, lol.

13. Take a social media break!

14. Organize--sometimes clearing your space can help clear the mind! I know it does for me.

15. Go on or plan to go on a yoga retreat

16. Take a nap.

17. Try a new fitness class--yoga, dance, barre, HIIT, ect.

18. Do your make-up, have fun with it! no judgments.

19. Try a new hobby--painting, reading, drawing, ect.

20. Go for a nice long walk--maybe take the neighbors dog if you don't have one!

21. Have sex or masturbate-- yeah it feels good, we all know that.

22. Write down 5 things that you love about yourself.

23. Read a good book

24.Play video games or a board game

25. Explore a new part of town

26. Buy yourself some fresh flowers.

27. Get creative and write a new poem or two, I'm sure you haven't done that in a while

28. Play a board game with a friend or loved one

29. Bake something for your neighbor--sometimes making others smile is better than anything you could do for yourself.

30. Follow YOUR path, if you wanna do something--do it! Don't let anyone stop you.


until next time,


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