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Let's face it, there are a ton of brands out there and a ton of influencers reviewing and collaborating with brands and products.

What's true, whats real? What is the good buy, the quality product, the best brand and what are just crap?

I never sought out on Instagram to be an "influencer" truth be told, I hate that word because I believe that everyone, no matter your following on social media, has the power to "influence". That's POWERFUL, think about it--knowing what you talk about can create a habit change, or create an impact on another human being and what they use-- anyways, today's blog post is to simply tell you my opinion on these things that I love and use basically everyday + a discount code if I have it.

1. CBD- ThoughtCloud CBD is hands down the best that I've tried & it actually works. They have everything from oils to dog treats to bath bombs and made from Hemp plants grown on licensed farms in the U.S. Each product they make is non-GMO, vegan, 100% organic, lab tested, twice, and contain no additives or preservatives. CBD has many benefits including decreased anxiety, helps to treat acne, slow abnormal cell-growth, certain kinds aid in sleep (high CBN formula) and much more.

*Discount code: TINYKIRSTY


2. Plants- It's hard to find good quality plants at big box stores + living in the middle of nowhere I haven't been able to find a local greenhouse supplier for the plants I'm interested in. Insert, Bloomscape. They offer high quality houseplants that are delivered right to your front door in 100% recycled packaging. I mean... who doesn't need a new plant friend?!

*Discount code: Ambtinykirsty10


3. Yoga mat- I can't speak more highly of the quality that Liforme provides. Their yoga mats, while relatively expensive, have lasted me years of consistent use. Their mats have a non-slip surface perfect for even a hot-yoga studio class & are made from sustainably-sourced materials. In addition to being what I believe is better than any yoga mat I've tried, they have also donated over $420,000 to several organizations over the years that are close to my heart (such as the RSPCA and WHO to name a couple).

*Discount code: TINYKIRSTY19


4. Skincare- although I've been trying new products out recently I have two favorite brands that help keep my skin as clear as it can be. Franklin and Whitman and Dermalogica. Both brands are cruelty-free and contain no harmful chemical additives, such as fragrance.

*sorry, I do not have a discount code for these.



5. Yoga clothing- If you follow my Instagram you know I do quite a bit of yoga, lol. I have two favorite activewear brands.

a.AloYoga ( www.aloyoga.com ) is by go-to for extremely comfortable and "studio to street' wear as the brand suggests. Alo can be quite expensive and I am lucky enough to be an Alo Advocate which gives my the opportunity to wear and support the brand.

b. Senita ( www.senita.com ) is another super comfortable and well-fitting brand. Being on the petite side it's more difficult than most people think to find brands that fit well and Senita does. They are extremely affordable, woman owned and have everything ranging from pregnancy leggings to bathing suits.

*I do not have a discount code for either, but I have a referral link for your first Alo purchase that also saves you 10%- ( www.talkable.com/x/BmlEk7 )

6. Garden materials- My husband, Morgan, and I have been using the brand, General hydroponics since the start of our planty journey. We use their three-part fertilizer system for our indoor and outdoor plants as well as their PH up and PH down formulas to make sure our waters PH is meeting the needs of the plant.

*sorry, I do not have a discount code.


If you have any questions or any thoughts-- any brands you really love or one you avoid, feel free to reach out to me via email or Instagram DM! I will be updating this blog overtime and adding new brands after I have fully tested them.

Until next time,


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