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Hey friends, it's been awhile since I last updated my blog, obviously. I don't know why I didn't come on here to write, but I've been sharing my (almost) everyday thoughts, feelings and things I have been doing, via my instagram and instagram story, but it's always different in a blog post.

how? I don't know.

All morning I've tried to come up with a catchy blog post topic. Something interesting, something eye catching..and..nothing. Something to fill the gap on my blank pages seemed important to me.

I spoke briefly about being "normal" the other day on my Instagram caption and was surprised by all the responses of like-minded individuals happy doing their day-to-day life. Filling, or not filling, the emptiness of their days with normal things. That got me thinking. I think sometimes having nothing to say is the most normal thing. When we can sit with ourselves(or even others) in silence it's truly a moment of just being. I could make a list of all the popular blog topics and try to expand on one of them, I could edit and edit my paragraphs for days.. but why not just be authentic,be truthful in how I write. To just let myself work in silence and see what words come out. No filters, no editing, no pretending to have so much to say just because I "need to post". When did silence become a bad thing? why are we so afraid of not saying the right thin