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Read what my current and previous clients have to say:

"Kirsty is a powerhouse in a tiny package! Her creative sequencing, along with her unique combination of strength and flexibility movements, make her classes challenging but also attainable. She greets everyone with a smile and carries that positivity throughout her classes. Being a yoga teacher myself, I believe its very important to feel welcome and encouraged during practice. Kirsty is hands on to help each student learn and grow. She takes her time making sure each student has an understanding of the muscle engagement to work towards a desired pose, and gives plenty of options for building the strength needed to progress. Kirsty is attentive, she watches body movements and gives little tweaks to accomplish more stability in the body and proper alignment. I've been lucky to attend Kirsty's workshops and weekly classes here in Texas. If your ready for a challenging, fun, energetic flow with an inspiring teacher...check her out!"

-Sally, Texas based

"Kirsty's little butt kicks butt! Classes are always on time and she puts so much thought into the flow. The music playlist she carefully chooses fits perfectly with the way she calls her cues. She is thoughtful and respectful but most importantly fun!! When I see Kirsty on the schedule I make sure to get out my mat!!"

- Cindy, Texas based

Kirsty is a fantastic teacher with wonderful energy. She brings a sense of grace and fluidity to her teaching that leaves all her students feeling confident and successful at the end of class! Highly recommend.

-Amelia, NC based

“...Kirsty was our teacher, and she was personable, knowledgeable, and just cute as a button! We ended up the only students in class, so it felt like we had our own special sister's thing. Kirsty explained that they choose a pose to focus on monthly. Ours was chatauranga, and we went through various parts of this movement, ensuring we were utilizing the correct muscles with good form. We even took turns analyzing each other. Honestly, this is not a class I would have chosen, but in the end, I really enjoyed it. It was so informative, and it helped me be the best I can at a core root of yoga practice (and I had thought my form was great, but learned I had improvements to make). My sisters and I have varying fitness levels as well as experience with yoga, and I feel we all got something out of the class”.

-Lacey, Texas based

"I have been practicing yoga regularly for over 5 years now. I have learned most of what I know through free YouTube, some in person studio classes and a few yoga apps that I paid for monthly. Since practicing with Kirsty, the foundations of my practice have grown exponentially! Don’t underestimate the basics! Kirsty gets to know you, your skill level, any physical limitations, and your goals. She puts together flows based on where your at in your practice. However, she also knows how to push you when you need it! Her cues are very beginner friendly and easy to understand. Her knowledge of the body anatomy helps her really explain the pose and how to do it safely. It’s really as if she’s right there in your home! She’s flexible with scheduling which super helpful to me as a mom. And she provides homework sheets to grow your practice on your own! I truly am so happy I choose to message her and start private yoga sessions. It’s the best thing I’ve done for my practice, my body, and my mind! Investing in myself and my practice is something that took me many years to prioritize. Now I see it as giving myself a small gift each month. It’s so worth the investment!"

-Britnie, WY based

"Kirsty is the most amazing, energetic, encouraging and bubbly yoga teachers I have ever met! Before taking classes with her I was in love with the notion of yoga and its benefits but was never consistent with it. However, after just the first day of a yoga class with her I knew for sure that that had changed. I actually fell in love with the practice and have been consistent ever since. Her homework sessions are a great plus as they help you to revisit many yoga poses that you have learnt and in this way you become more and more consistent with the practice itself. She also helps you get confident with your body and its abilities. I have progressed so much from day one and I know I have been bitten by the yoga bug for life. A big heartfelt thanks to Kirsty for helping me embark on my beautiful yoga journey and being a part of it! "

- Smruthi, WA based.

"Kirsty is a great teacher! I've learned so much since I started taking private lessons with her and hope to continue to learn from her.  In just a few sessions, I now have the motivation to keep practicing and I feel more confident with each movement/pose.  Kirsty is always willing to answer questions and give suggestions/advice!!"

-Candace, TX based

"Yoga has completely changed my life. Since starting my yoga journey, I’ve tried it all: Group classes, workshops, etc. While all of these have been wonderful in their own way, nothing compares to my one on ones with Kirsty! Sessions were always customized to my needs (both that day, and my long term needs/goals). I felt a new level of support for my practice physically, mentally, AND emotionally. The result and the transformation was incredible! In just a few weeks my body felt stronger and more at ease within my practice. I cannot recommend her enough! So much love for her!!"

-Johannah, NE based

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