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SHIFTING - virtual retreat info

Created by:

Kirsty Menaker & Sandy Rosenthal

“We are shifting into a new normal”

 Chances are  you’ve probably heard that lately, If you haven’t heard it, we’re pretty sure you’ve felt it…

New routines are changing our physical yoga practices; new challenges are affecting our bodies, emotions, and mindset; and new realities are impacting our sense of connection and community. It’s undeniable that things are shifting right now, and we’re here to help you move through it with purpose.

Take time for yourself and join us in our virtual yoga retreat --  SHIFTING. In our self-paced virtual retreat, we guide you through a set of unique, alignment-based yoga practices, mindful meditations, journal prompts and more! All with an emphasis on connecting to your individual, authentic journey. Whether you are a yoga teacher, practitioner or completely new to yoga, our virtual retreat provides a safe space for learning and self-development while giving you the opportunity to connect with a supportive, like-minded community of “shifters.” 

Our Intention

To share tools and strategies that we personally use to shift our practice, emotions, and mindsets in order to facilitate a space for growth, on and off the mat. We are here to not only provide tools for a safe yoga practice, but tools to navigate the shift of new normals; through COVID-19 and through any life changes that may happen in the future.

Learning, reflection, and personal growth - all from the comfort of your own home.

Our virtual retreat is a self-paced, easy to navigate online format and while we would 100% rather be breathing, moving, and connecting with you in person - our current reality makes that impossible, so we are honored to offer our teachings from afar. You have access to the virtual retreat content for 30 days and lifetime access to our  shifting Facebook page.

What is it?


If you’re looking to connect inwards and invest in yourself.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stagnant, or frustrated in your current reality.

If you’re ready to use your yoga practice as a tool for self-awareness and personal development.

If you’re ready to prioritize time for yourself, your practice, and self-study.

If you’re looking for tools to shake things up - on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

These practices, tools and this community are designed for you.


Why  join?

Our retreat is different.

SHIFTING isn’t just for people who want to stay connected to their yoga practice, but for real people who live everyday lives and who want to commit to their own growth. In this retreat, Kirsty & Sandy will provide transformative, new materials and tools designed to begin or enhance your yoga practice and your connection with yourself.

What’s inside our SHIFTING Virtual Retreat:


  • 6 self-paced, virtual modules available for 30 days that include:

    • 6+ Unique yoga practices (ranging from 15-60 minutes)

    • 2 Guided meditations (ranging from 5-30 minutes)

    • Journaling prompts and questions for purposeful reflection

  • (1) live group video call with Kirsty, Sandy and the shifting community.

  • Shifting Facebook group (Lifetime access)

    • Our growing, virtual community of like-minded “shifters” helps facilitate a safe space for growth on and off the mat.

SHIFTING Retreat Modules

  • Step 1: Set Your Intention

  • Step 2: Build Your Foundation

  • Step 3: Vulnerable Self Study

  • Step 4: Acceptance & Surrender

  • Step 5: Make the Shift and Take Action

  • Step 6: Celebrate It All with Gratitude

* Since this is a self-paced virtual retreat, give yourself permission to take it as slow as you want. You may not feel ready to move onto the next step/module right away and THAT’S OKAY. Listen to your intuition and move through each step with ease.

After this course you will:

  • Have increased self-awareness on and off the mat.

  • Have deeper knowledge of basic yoga sequences & foundational asanas (postures)

  • Have strategies and tools to move through all shifts of life with more ease and confidence

Get our $400+ value Virtual retreat, SHIFTING, today for only $144.

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