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Hi friends!

I'm sure many of you know me on Instagram as @tiny.kirsty , you see my photos and hear me speak on my story and give little info here and there, but I wanted to create this blog to share my visions, passions and all things yoga + life with you!

Currently, I am 22 years old and my name is Kirsty... Not tiny for people who have called me that in the past. Lol

I grew up in a town called Stony Point in NY until about age 9 when I moved down to the suburbs of Charlotte NC (waxhaw to be exact)

I attended my community college for a year after HS and decided it just wasn't for me.

After working in the fitness industry and leaving that job I decided to start yoga on Instagram.. basically just doing instagram challenges and home practice. I soon fell in love.

Last year I decided to take my journey to Hawaii where I recieved my 200hr.

In 2018 I went through some big life changes like getting married and moving mid-way across the country to central Texas.

My home life is wonderful with my loving husband at my side, my two kitties and (most of the time) the hot Texas weather.

I tend to be a free spirit, a lover, a fighter, a passionate person who only wants to go after what I want.

Thanks for reading friends.

Until next time, Kirsty



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