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3 of my favorite things + discount codes

Hi friends!

Welcome to my 2nd blog ever... maybe some day I’ll be less awkward about writing them--I think I’ll get in the habit of doing a new blog post for you every couple of weeks.. as long as I have something interesting to talk about.. so send all the suggestions and topics you wanna hear about my way!

This week I wanted to talk about my favorite brands and give you some of discount codes! (no... I do not get paid from any of these).

1.Frank & Whit skincare brand- OMG, guys, lets me just tell you this stuff changed my life. Last year specifically I suffered from super bad acne. Yay for adulting. After I started using it regularly for just a few weeks I noticed a big difference in my skin. Their products are all natural, vegan, cruelty free. Even their packing peanuts are made from vegetable starch so they dissolve in water. AHHMAZING! My favorite products are the main line— with the face wash, toner and moisturizer with the addition of the pink clay mask which makes my skin baby soft! I recently did a blog post with them and went into more details about my skin, that post should be out soon!

Discount code: “tinykirsty20” saves 20%

Shop here:

2.Vital proteins— could go on and on.. but besides my actually skincare brand this has done so many wonderful things for the look and feel of my skin, hair and the strength of my nails! I highly recommend getting the unflavored collagen peptides to start as you can mix them is pretty much anything! Sorry, I don’t have a discount code for this one. They are available at target or online!

3.Tofurky— I get asked a lot what I eat and almost daily I have something from the Tofurkey brand. They are vegan, family owned and have a bunch of protein! I love their original Italian ‘sausage’ the best! I mix it in my pasta, salad or have it plain with some sides. If you haven’t tried it yet— try it! You will not be disappointed. They sell them in Walmart, HEB, and a few other places. And sorry friends, no discount code here.

I have a little discount code that’s always active for my ebook, HIIT to INVERT(more info about it under the tab at the top)

HIIT to INVERT: “story” saves 10%

Other discount codes:

-Solay mattress company: “kirsty20” saves you 20%

-BHU foods: “tinykirsty” saves you shipping costs

Well, that’s it for now! If you have any questions about any of the above brands let me know.

Until next time,


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